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How to use a digital thermometer?

 How to use a digital thermometer?

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exclamation mark Please read each individual model’s instructions before using a digital thermometer. The following instructions are a guideline and there may be slight variations between models.
turn on digital thermometer

Step 1 – Turn on thermometer

Press the power button to activate the thermometer.

choose Celsius or Fahrenheit on digital thermometer

Step 2 – Choose unit

Decide if you want to measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Press the unit change button if necessary.

placing thermometer probe

Step 3 – Place probe

Place the tip of the probe against the object you wish to test. The probe can be pushed into some materials, such as some foods, but can be left on the surface of other things, such as under a person’s tongue.

take temperature reading

Step 4 – Take temperature

Take your reading from the display. Repeat if necessary.

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