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What are some other uses for concretor’s nippers and pliers?

What are some other uses for concretor’s nippers and pliers?

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Wonkee Donkee's other uses for your tools Along with tying rebar together for steel reinforced concrete structures, there are two other common uses for concretor’s nippers and pliers.

Cutting tiles

Cutting a tile with concretor's nippers They can be used to cut tiles to size. When using them for this task you should only remove small pieces of tile at a time, otherwise you risk cracking the whole tile.
Mark and score where you want to cut the tile. Begin by marking the section of tile you want to remove with a dry marker and then score the tile over this line with a utility knife, or better still a hand-held tile cutter with a tungsten carbide blade. This will help to reduce the chances of the tile cracking or breaking beyond where you want it to.
Remove small pieces of tile at a time with the concretor's nippers and pliers. Nibble away at the part of the tile you want to remove, remembering to only chip away small pieces of tile at a time. Once you have cut away the unwanted section, you can sand or file the edged down to give a smoother, less jagged appearance.

Removing nails and staples from wood

Cutting a nail with concretor's nipping pliers Concretor’s nippers and pliers can be used to either cut or pull nails and staples from pieces of wood. High-leverage ones are best suited to cutting nails as the increased leverage gives them much better performance.
High leverage makes removing nails easier. The extra handle length also makes levering staples and nails out of wood easier as less effort is required by the user.

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