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How to use concrete nippers and pliers?

How to use concretor’s nippers and pliers

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Slash tying rebar together using concretor's nippers and pliers The most common way of tying rebar together with tie wire used by concretors is called the slash tie.

How to tie rebar with a slash tie using concretor’s nippers and pliers

Step 1 in tying rebar require you pass the wire around the rebar in a U-shape.

Step 1 – Position wire

The wire tie is passed diagonally behind the crossover point of two sections of rebar. The ends are then pulled forwards so the wire tie forms a U-shaped loop around the rebar.

Holding the wire tie with concretor's nippers while you twist them around will tie the wire around the rebar.

Step 2 – Twist wire

Take hold of the U-shaped wire tie with the concretor’s nippers and pull it tight around the back of the rebar. Then rotate the nippers so they twist the wire. You may have to do this several times to get the required tension on the wire tie around the rebar.

Wonkee Donkee says: "Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the handles at this stage or you will cut through the wire tie."
Cutting the wire tie with concretor's nippers and pliers after twisting it around the rebar.

Step 3 – Cut wire

Once you have twisted the wire and achieved the tension required to keep the rebar in place, squeeze down further on the handles of the concretor’s nippers and pliers so they cut through the wire you are using. This should leave a neat wire tie around the rebar.

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