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Concretor’s Nippers and Pliers Maintenance and Care

Concretor’s nippers and pliers maintenance and care

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Cleaning and storage of cable cutters and shears is minimal. Concretor’s nippers and pliers do not require a great deal of maintenance but taking a little time after you have finished using them can prolong their serviceable life.
Wipe concretor's nippers and pliers clean after use using a cloth. Wipe any dirt from the jaws and head with an old cloth. This will help to prevent dirt and grit interfering with the pivot bolt and jaws, which could cause them to become stiff and less effective to use.
Apply oil to polished surfaces of concretor's nippers and pliers to prevent rust. If your concretor’s nippers and pliers have a polished surface finish then you should apply a small amount of oil to them. This will prevent moisture from causing them to corrode and also help to lubricate the jaws, making them open and close with a smoother action.
After use cable cutters and shears should be stored in a cool dry place. When you come to put your concretor’s nippers and pliers away, they should be kept in a cool, dry place to prevent any moisture in the atmosphere causing corrosion.

Can you sharpen concretor’s nippers and pliers?

Using a file to sharpen the cutting edges of concretor's nippers and pliers. It is possible to sharpen the jaws of concretor’s nippers and pliers with a suitable file. But as you can only sharpen a tool with a file that is made of a harder material than the tool itself, files required to sharpen jaws made of hardened steel will have to be made of a harder material such as a diamond sharpening stone.
Don't use powered grinding wheels to sharpen concretor's nippers and pliers Don’t use powered tools such as a grinding wheel to sharpen the cutting edges of concretor’s nippers and pliers jaws, as this will create heat that can have a negative effect on the hardening and tempering of the tool. If they loose hardness they may be unable to cut through wire and nails.

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