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What are combination pliers used for?


What are combination pliers used for?

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  Combination pliers can grip and cut materials  

The primary purpose of pliers is usually to provide a tight grip, or grip things it would be difficult to hold with your fingers, allowing you to bend, twist, or otherwise manipulate a material.  



  Combination pliers can be used to grip various materials  

The gripping jaws of pliers are designed to produce a more forceful grip than just using your hands. The design and size of the jaws determine what they can grip and where they can reach. Combination pliers come in various sizes with differences in jaw shape.

  You can use combination pliers to grip flat materials or rounded materials  

Gripping flat or round stock

Combination pliers have jaws designed to be especially versatile. The flat part can easily hold flat stock, while the rounded cut-out section is designed to hold rounded stock, such as small tubes and pipes, without crushing it.

  combination pliers are sometimes used in jewellery making, especially if they have long narrow noses, similar to long nose pliers  


The gripping jaws of combination pliers can be used to compress materials. They can be used, for instance, to tighten a ferrule (a clamping collar used to fix parts together) or close chain links, such as those used to make jewellery or chainmail. 

  Combination pliers can grip materials to bend them  

Bending, twisting or straightening 

Once a material is held firmly in the gripping jaws of pliers, it can be manipulated in various ways. This can be done with the help of your hand, a clamp, another pair of pliers, or other tools, depending on how you want to shape the material. Applications include the straightening or twisting of wires.

  You can use some combination pliers to pull out nails ot staples  


The firm grip provided by pliers means you can pull objects, usually to remove them from something. Pliers are often used to extract things like staples or thin nails. Some combination pliers can also be used to pull out larger nails, depending on their specifications or added features.



  You can use most combination pliers to cut wires or cables  

The cutters of combination pliers, sometimes called side cutters, are positioned near the pivot point, this is the position in the jaws where the most force is exerted. These cutters are usually designed to cut cables and soft wires, rather than flat materials. They are short blades, not designed to make long cuts. The thickness and hardness of materials you can cut with pliers depend on the individual tool’s specifications. 


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