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How to use combination pliers?

How to use combination pliers

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Combination pliers have lots of uses, but they're really simple to use. Combination pliers are incredibly versatile tools, but they are very simple to operate.
Combination pliers can be used for various jobs

Step 1 – Open jaws

Grip the pliers’ handles in your hand and open them (some pliers are spring loaded and open automatically). Hold them in a comfortable position – if they have thumb stops they should keep your fingers away from the jaws.

Combination pliers help you to hold small things

Step 2 – Position pliers

For gripping, get the flat parts of the jaws into the best possible position either side of the item to be gripped.

For cutting, ensure the wire, or whatever is to be cut, is positioned between the blades, as near as possible to the pivot point, as this is where the greatest force is achieved.

Combination pliers can grip and cut materials like wires and cables

Step 3 – Close jaws

Close the handles with your hand. The jaws will come together. The material will either be cut or gripped, depending on where it’s positioned in the jaws.

If gripping, keep the handles held together and manipulate the material in whatever way is required.

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