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Brick line maintenance and care

Brick Line Maintenance and Care

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Keep your brick line dry

keep away from water, umbrella, rain, keep your tools dry, wonkee donkee tools, brick lines, how to use a brick line This is only really necessary if your brick line is made from cotton string. Cotton string is susceptible to damp, rot, and mildew so keeping it dry will prolong its working life. Brick lines made from nylon or other synthetic plastics are waterproof and will not rot.

Don’t over-strain your brick line

Brick line, don't over-strain, pressure, snap, tug o war, wonkee donkee tools DIY guide, how to use a brick line tool You will need to pull your brick line taut to get an accurate line when laying bricks, but over-straining the line may stretch it or even snap it. So be careful.


Brick line and pins, string line, line pins, marking out tools, Wonkee donkee tools DIY guide, how to use a brick line Wrapping your brick line around your line pins between uses keeps the string and pins together and at hand for ease of use. Storing your pins and line in a tool box will protect them from the elements.

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