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What is a brad point bit used for?

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Brad point bit being used to bore neat, clean holes in a piece of wood Brad point bits are mainly used for boring neat, clean, accurate holes in wood.
Labelled image of a brad point, which is usually found at the end of a wood bit. Their brad point anchors the bit into the wooden workpiece much more effectively than a twist bit, which prevents unwanted slippage and allows holes to be located with precision.
A brad point bit fitted with a drill depth stop, ready for dowelling Because they can be so accurate, brad point bits are the go-to tool when drilling dowel holes, making them a vital part of joinery and furniture making.
Representations of plastic, fibreglass and thin sheet metal, which are some of the substances, other than wood, that DIYers can use brad point bits to drill through Unlike most other wood bits, brad point bits can be used to bore holes in other materials, such as plastic, fibreglass and very thin sheet metal.
A circular piece of graphite with a hole through the centre by a brad point bit Titanium carbide brad point bits, or bits tipped with polycrystalline diamond (PCD), can be used to drill through graphite.
A brad point bit being used to drill holes through a composite material similar to Kevlar They can also be used to bore through aramid fibre reinforced carbon fibre thermoplastic, a rigid, durable material made from layers of different substances that is used to construct aeroplane bodies.
Wonkee Donkee explains that Kevlar is a brand name for aramid fibre