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What are brad point bits coated with?

What are brad point bits coated with?

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A brad point bit used in woodworking As brad point bits are mainly used with wood, they do not usually require any form of coating for protection. However, if you are prepared to spend a little more money on a bit with a coating, you’ll be rewarded with a degree of resistance to corrosion.
Image of Wonkee looking up information on materials on the Wonkee Donkee website For more information on each of the coatings that follow, see: What are drill bits coated with?

Titanium nitride

A brad point bit coated with titanium nitride Titanium nitride is corrosion resistant and helps to prevent sharp edges from wearing down. It is gold in colour, and sometimes represented by its chemical formula, TiN.

Black oxide

A brad point bit with a black oxide coating Black oxide is an iron-based compound that is partially resistant to corrosion and frequently used on metal tools.
A happy DIYer storing money in their piggy bank that they did not have to spend on a brad point bit with an expensive coating It is relatively cheap and will not add a huge amount to the cost of your bits.
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