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How do you use a demolition adze?

How to use a demolition adze?

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Image of a demolition adze A demolition adze is a subtle tool that is used to hack into and smash off pieces of timber.
Image of a fireman using a demolition adze to bring down ceiling timbers It can be swung with force to damage the piece of furniture or timber that you are trying to demolish.
Image of two laminated timbers being separated It can also be used to pry apart two pieces of timber that have been nailed together.

Separating timbers

Image of an adze head being inserted into the gap between two timbers

Step 1 – Insert adze head between timbers

Insert the narrow end of the adze head into the gap between the two timbers.

Image of a demolition team hitting an adze head to insert it between two timbers If necessary, you may need to use force to get the adze head in securely. If you do, hit it with a hammer.
Image of two adzes being forced apart with a demolition adze

Step 2 – Force timbers apart

Once lodged between the two timbers, you can turn the handle of the tool to twist the head or pull on the handle to tilt the head. Either method will force a gap to open between the timbers.

Image of a successful member of the demolition team having pried apart 2 timbers This will cause the timbers to separate.

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