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How do you fell a tree with an adze?

How to fell a tree with an adze?

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Image of a group of DIYers teaming up to fell a tree with an adze With a lot of patience, it’s possible to cut down a tree using an adze.
Image of a long handled adze with a flat blade, a suitable tool for felling trees You’ll need to use a long-handled adze with a flat blade for this job.
Image of an adze so light that it can float on clouds If you use a lighter adze, you will be able to work for longer periods without resting. This is time consuming, hard work.
Image of a DIYer shaving the bark off a tree that they are about to cut down with an adze

Step 1 – Start cut

Use your adze to start to shave the bark off the outside of the tree. Keep chopping until you’re shaving wood.

Image of a tree that has had a lot of wood shaved out of its trunk by an adze

Step 2 – Persevere and use elbow grease

Keep chopping! The idea is to wear a large portion of the tree away on one side and you’re going to be shaving it away piece by piece.

Image of a DIYer chopping away at a tree with their adze, determined to make the half way point Keep shaving until you are more than half way through the tree trunk.
Image of a tree that is close to being felled after having had a good deal of wood carved away from its trunk

Step 3 – Shave around rest of tree

Once you’re there, widen the area that you’re shaving and approach the tree from various different angles to whittle the trunk down.

You need to plan to finish on the opposite side to the one you started on.

Image of a tree falling after hours of dedicated work from a very patient adze-wielding DIYer

Step 4 – Timber!

Once you wear the tree trunk thin enough, the weight of the tree will cause it to fall.

As you cut past the mid point initially and are now carving from the opposite side, the tree will fall away from you.

Wonkee Donkee explains that your friends might not be too happy if you drop a tree on their heads, so shout "timber!" to warn them that you've been successful in felling the tree with your adze

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