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How do you identify a top quality adze?

How to identify a top quality adze?

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Image of a DIYer carefully puzzling out what makes a top quality adze With so many different variables, there is a lot to think about when choosing a top quality adze.
Image showing a recommended brand mark for top quality adze features This checklist of Wonkee Donkee approved recommendations should help you to make a decision.


Image of a hickory adze handle The best material for an adze handle is hickory. It’s the best choice from the types of wood available due to its strength and shock absorbing properties.
Image of a replacement hickory adze handle Replacement hickory handles are also easy to find.


Image of an adze with a black oxide finish Ideally, your adze head should have a black oxide finish. This is easy to maintain and will prevent your adze head from becoming rusty.

Angle of the blade

Image showing how the angle of an adze blade is measured If you’re buying an adze and you have a chance to test it before you buy, it’s also worth looking at the angle of the blade and the way the tool swings. On a well made adze, the edge of the blade will be in line with the arc of your swing.
Image to illustrate what is meant by the radius of the swing The ‘arc’ can be described as an imaginary circular line that the tool follows when you swing it.
Image showing a well crafted adze with a blade that is in line with the radius of the swing If the edge is in line with the arc, you will always hit the edge of the adze into the wood you are carving and get a smooth cut.
Image of an adze with a cutting edge that does not follow the radius of the swing If the edge is not in line with the arc, the adze will cut the wood less efficiently and may skip off the surface at unpredictable angles.

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Is it fit for purpose?

Image of a conscientious DIYer checking to make sure they are buying the right adze To make sure you’re buying the right tool, always check the description of the adze to make sure it has the right kind of blade for your application.
Image to show which shape of adze blade is used for which job Remember: adzes with flat blades are for planing and adzes with lipped blades are for carving.

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