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What is a soil pH meter used for?

What is a soil pH meter used for?

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gardener A soil pH meter is primarily a gardener’s tool and can be used by professionals, enthusiasts and novices alike. You could technically use your soil pH meter to measure the pH of other things, but the results may not be reliable.
soil in hands Different types of plants prefer different soil conditions, but it is difficult to tell what kind of soil you have just by looking at it. pH meters can identify the soil conditions before you plant, helping you find out what will grow best in your garden or where it is most suitable to place certain plants.
healthy plant vs unhealthy plant It is important for plants to have a suitable pH environment so that they are able to absorb essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. An incorrect pH can also make plants more susceptible to disease and poor growth.
azaleas Most plants will prefer neutral soil conditions (pH 7), but there are exceptions. Junipers prefer it slightly alkaline, whereas azaleas like it slightly acidic. Most soil pH meters come with a guide to the preferred pH for common plants.
plants growing well in garden After planting, a pH meter can also help you maintain certain desirable conditions, choose other plants with the same pH preferences, or identify unsuitable pH surrounding a certain plant.
pouring pH adjusting substance on to soil After using the pH meter, you will be able to adjust your soil to a more suitable pH level.

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perfectionist gardening A lot of people do not find it necessary to check their soil pH and are successful in their gardening endeavours. However, if you are a perfectionist or want perfect plants, a pH tester may be for you.
what is your choice blackboard You may only use it before beginning planting or when you see a problem with growth, but some people recommend checking your soil at regular intervals. However, they disagree on how often this should be done. Recommendations can be anything from three-monthly to three-yearly, so it is up to you to decide.

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