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Are there any alternatives to soil pH meters?

Are there any alternatives to soil pH meters?

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soil pH tester pH testing is not specific to soi. Everything has a pH level and many things require pH identification. The following are general pH testing methods and specific soil testing alternatives.

General pH indicators

litmus paper in soil

Litmus paper

Litmus paper is the pH tester you probably used in school science lessons. Litmus paper is usually found in small strips, which will change colour according to the pH. It is not the most effective method for checking soil, as the strips are small and delicate, which means they are not good at measuring soil below the surface layer. This can be overcome by taking a sample, but it is still a fiddly task.

universal indicator pH tester

Universal indicators

Universal indicator is a solution created specifically to show the pH of things. It is a bit like a liquid form of litmus paper, changing colour according to pH. To test soil using universal indicator, you would need to take a sample of soil and dilute to make a solution before adding the indicator. This is not widely available and may require a selection of indicators for different pHs. This method is also not as simple as others.

Soil pH indicator test kits

ph soil tester kit This is a small kit which requires the user to place a sample of the soil into a small tub with the test mix and some water. This is then shaken and will change colour to indicate the pH levels. These are only really for small tasks or to give you an idea of your general soil conditions. The major benefit of a pH meter over these other pH testers is that the former can be used multiple times and in quick succession. pH meters are therefore ideal for bigger jobs in terms of garden size and quantity of testing.

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