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What are the parts of a smoke tester?

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smoke pellet Although most smoke testers don’t have different parts as such, some are contained within a plastic casement. Regular smoke testers, however, do not have a case, they are simply set alight and discarded after use.
smoke pellets labelled parts The encased smoke pellet is contained within a plastic sheath. Some encased smoke pellets have a ridged casement which provides the user with a better grip when lighting.

The smoke pellet is lit and the casement is discarded after use. The remains of the burnt smoke pellet are contained in the casement so they create less mess.

Smoke candle labelled parts The candle style smoke pellets are similar to the encased smoke pellets except that they have an easy-to-light fuse (or wick).

The smoke pellet is contained within the casement and once the fuse is lit that will, in turn, light the pellet. The casement is discarded after use.

Smoke matches labelled Smoke matches come in a box with an outer sleeve and an inner tray just like regular matches. There is a striking surface along the edge of the outer sleeve. The matchstick is discarded after use.

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