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Are smoke testers sold in packs?

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various sized packs of smoke pellets, smoke testers, performing a smoke test Smoke testers can be sold individually, but are more commonly sold in packs. There are many sizes of pack available depending on your needs and the frequency with which you use them.
individual smoke pellet, smoke tester, performing a smoke test, A single smoke pellet may be used for a one-off job like testing a chimney for draw. It is worth noting that if your chimney isn’t drawing due to a blockage or fault, and you then fix the fault you will need another smoke pellet to run the draw test again to see if your remedial work has been successful. It may be worth purchasing a few just in case, to save you from having to make repeated trips to DIY store.
Smoke pellets pack of 6, smoke testers, smoke emitter pellets, 3745 Smoke Pellets - Small The Bailey BAI3745 Smoke Pellets are small in size and give off a white smoke when ignited. These smoke tablets are used for testing flues, chimneys and fans.  Size: Small Contents: 6 per tube Part No: 3745 A pack of six standard smoke pellets is a really handy pack to have about the house. A pack this size won’t break the bank and yet there are enough there to complete (and repeat if necessary) your typical domestic smoke tests.
pack of smoke testers, smoke pellets, smoke test, 1470F Smoke Pellets (Pack of 10) Monument smoke emitter pellets give off a dense white low-toxic smoke when ignited, have aburn time of 60 seconds.  For testing flues, chimneys, fans etc.  Supplied in a pack of 10. A pack of ten encased smoke pellets is also a common pack size. This pack is ideal for domestic use and/or small scale smoke testing.
smoke pellets pack of 50, smoke pellets, smoke testers, performing a smoke test If your profession is chimney maintenance or drainage management, or you regularly conduct smoke tests, then investing in a tub of 50 smoke pellets may be more suited to your needs. Remember, buying in bulk nearly always works out cheaper in the long-run.
pack of 100 smoke pellets, smoke testers, performing a smoke test Again, if you are regularly conducting smoke tests or conduct large-scale smoke tests then buying a tub of 100 smoke pellets will be ideal for your needs.

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