What are the different types of slater's ripper?

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 Slater's rippers side by side 

 There are two types of slate's ripper:  


  1. Single forged steel ripper

  2. Ripper with separate handle and blade



 Two blades of a slater's ripper showing one hook and two hook designs 

The blade on the single forged slater's ripper usually has one hook on either side of the blade. This is known as the English design. 


The second slater's ripper usually has a blade with two hooks on either side of the blade. This is known as the German design.


As a general rule, the more hooks there are on the blade, the more chance you have of catching a nail the first time you try, which will save you time.   


Which type of slater's ripper should you choose?

 Pile of coins 

It would be ideal to handle both types of ripper before deciding on a purchase, so that you know how each ot them feels in your hand. 


The second ripper may be beneficial if you want to keep the blade or handle of your ripper and simply change them when one or the other wears out. This may cost you more, though, in replacement parts. 


If you want to replace the whole ripper when the blade or handle wears out, buying the one-piece ripper is generally cheaper.   

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