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What are slater’s rippers made of?

What are slater’s rippers made of?

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Stainless steel

Slater's ripper on roof
The blade on a two-piece slater’s ripper is usually made from stainless steel, which is flexible.
Stainless steel ornamental balls Stainless steel has a varied number of uses, both practical and decorative because of its resistance to corrosion, rusting and staining. It’s low maintenance, and it has an attractive sheen.


PVC formula The replaceable handle on a ripper can be PVC covered to provide a good grip and comfort for the user. PVC has a wide variety of uses, because it’s flexible and relatively cheap to produce.

Forged steel

One piece slater's ripper Alternatively, the ripper can be made from one piece of heavy-duty solid forged steel that makes it strong, durable and easy to use.
Small steel spiral necklaces Forging is a steel manufacturing process that shapes metal using targeted compressive force, at temperatures that are defined as either cold, warm, or hot for forging.Forging produces steel of particular strength because the metal is shaped during the forging process, so that the grain is manipulated to follow the general shape of the part rather than being interrupted through cutting.

Forging is also used to produce decorative objects from precious metals and is a significant worldwide industry.


Slater's ripper with rubber gripped handle You can also buy a slater’s ripper that has a rubber grip on the handle, which is, again, for the comfort of the user as well as making the tool easier to hold in cold or wet weather.
Rubber trees Rubber trees are tapped for latex, which is then used for commercial rubber applications.

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