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Sack Tying Twist Tool (Wire Sack)

Sack Tying Twist Tool (Wire Sack)


The Faithfull FAIBAGTWIST Bag Tie Twister (Wire Tie Tool) is designed to tighten wire twist ties using a simple pull to twist action.

The bag tie twister is both efficient and quick. It is suitable for use with both metal and PVC coated ties when tying hessian, heavy-duty polythene or thick ply paper sacks. It also has many other applications around the garden when tying back plants and bushes.

The twister also features a handy cutting shear to remove any excess tie and to provide a neat and tidy finish.

How to use:

1. Place the wire tie around the item to be tied and line up the eyelets.
2. Place the hook through the wire tie's eyelets and then pull the bag tie backwards. The tie will then be wound automatically.
3. The integral shear can then be used to trim any excess tie if required.

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