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How to use a rethreader?

How to use a rethreader?

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rethreader black handle Although the rethreader is dual purpose, for both cleaning and straightening threads, there is only one method for both tasks.

Insert the rethreader

holding a rethreader

Step 1 – Hold rethreader

Hold the tool in your dominant hand so that your index finger and thumb rest in the dip at the front of the handle.

beginning rethreading of back box

Step 2 – Align with hole

Hold the rethreader at the opening of the hole to be cleared/straightened.

rotating the rethreader

Step 3 – Turn rethreader clockwise

Rotate the rethreader in a clockwise direction. Ensure the tool is moving forward, but apply most of the pressure in the rotational force (torque).

rethreader completes rotation

Step 4 – Continue turning

Maintain the rotation until the rethreader has fully penetrated the threaded section of the hole.

Remove the rethreader

rotate anti-clockwise to remove rethreader

Step 5 – Turn anti-clockwise

To remove the rethreader, rotate anti-clockwise until the tool is free.


Wonkee Donkee TOP TIP

It is important NOT to apply too much force when inserting or removing the rethreader, as this could end up damaging the threads further. However, it may be necessary to increase the torque slightly when the rethreader comes into contact with the damaged sections.

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