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Are there any alternatives to rethreaders?

Are there any alternatives to rethreaders?

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Not only are there other tools for threading and rethreading female holes, there are also tools for male threads and even some combined tools for both.

Female threading

different size threading taps


Taps are the tools used for creating female threads. Taps are similar to rethreaders, but do not have a built-in handle. They can be used as a manual tool when attached to a tap wrench or a power tool when used with a drill.

Taps are used more to create threads than to repair them and will often require the use of a lubricant.

threaded inserts

Threaded inserts

Alternatively, there are threaded inserts – small cylindrical, threaded pieces which can be inserted into a multitude of materials to create a threaded hole.

Male threading

round and hexagonal die, die holder


Male threads are created with dies, which are round or hexagonal and used in conjunction with a die holder.

There are also kits available which contain both taps and dies.

male rethreading tool

Speciality thread restorers

There are other tools specifically for the rethreading (repairing) of male threads. The pictured tool (generally referred to as an adjustable thread restorer) can fix most sizes of screws or bolts.

Combined threading

thread restoring file

Thread restoring files

There is a type of file (often called a thread restoring file) which can repair both male and female threads. It has different size thread pitches on each of its sides and can therefore be used on multiple nut and bolt sizes.

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