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What pocket knife blade sizes are available?

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 blades, pocket knife blades, blade, Pocket knife blades come in two slightly different sizes to match the blade housings of different pocket knife models. Though blade designs may differ, blade dimensions remain roughly the same; this is necessary to ensure a blade will fit most types of pocket knife.
blades, pocket knife blades, blade, There are two sizes of pocket knife blade commonly available in the UK at present;
blades, pocket knife blades, blade, The standard blade size, which fits most pocket knife models, is 60mm (2½in) from point to point, measured along the cutting edge, and 0.61mm (1/32in) thick.
blades, pocket knife blades, blade, Also available are blades measuring 50mm (2in) from point to point, and 0.43mm (1/64in) thick. These are designed for use with the very smallest pocket knives (such as those designed to fit on keychains)
blades, pocket knife blades, blade, The weight of a pocket knife blade is almost negligible, at around 5g (lighter than a ten pence piece!).

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