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Tips for Spotting a Top Quality Plumb Bob

Tips for spotting a top quality plumb-bob

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Balance and symmetry

Plumb-bobs, line of symmetry, plumb bob, marking tools, wonkee donkee tools DIY guide how to use a plumb-bob The best plumb-bobs are perfectly balanced and symmetrical. A perfectly balanced plumb-bob should produce accurate readings, especially when transferring points from level to level.

It can be difficult to tell just by looking or handling the tool, whether or not it is perfectly balanced, but as a general rule of thumb – if your plumb-bob appears to be a symmetrical shape then it will likely be balanced.

String line

Plumb-bobs, braided line, polyethylene, nylon, string line, wonkee donkee toolos DIY guide The best string line to purchase is a nylon or polyethylene braided type. These string lines are will not easily stretch, they are water-proof, rot-proof and resistant to mildew.

Braided lines also have the added advantage of not spinning (or at least not as much as twisted string lines tend to). This is particularly useful as the tool must be steady in order to make take readings and transfer points accurately.

Screw cap

plumb-bobs, screw on cap, string line, wonkee donkee tools DIY guide how to use a plumb bob Purchasing a plumb-bob with a screw on cap is advisable as this ensures that the string line is perfectly centred. Having a string line that protrudes from the dead centre of your plumb-bob will help to ensure accuracy and balance.

Fine point

Plumb-bobs, fine point, tip, string line, plumb bob, tool, wonkee donkee tools DIY guide Plumb-bobs with a ultra-fine point are advantageous as this makes pin-point precision when marking and transferring points much easier.

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