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VDE Pliers In Tool Box Set 4 Piece

VDE Pliers In Tool Box Set 4 Piece


Knipex 00 20 15 4 piece VDE plier set in high quality shock resistant plastic case. When working on electrical installations, the safest and recommended, practice is to disconnect from the energy supply first. The Knipex range of VDE pliers are approved to IEC 60 900 and DIN EN 60 900 standards and offer the best possible protection when it is necessary to work live up to 1,000 volts alternating current or 1,500 volts direct current.

The yellow handle component is a special slip-proof material. The slipguard prevents any spark over from non-insulated head to the hand. The heads are chrome plated for durability.


1 x 03 06 180 VDE Combination Plier 180mm; the cutting edges are ideal for hard and soft wire, they are oil hardened and tempered, and then separately induction-hardened, with chrome-plated heads for smooth operation and handles with heavy-duty insulation for a softer, safer and more positive grip.

1 x 26 16 200 VDE Snipe Nose Cutting Plier 200mm; they have long flat round jaws that are highly loadable, with elastic precision points with blades for hard wire diameter 2.2mm and medium wire diameter 3.2 mm.

1 x 70 06 160 VDE Diagonal Cutter 160mm; constructed from chrome vanadium solid style forged top quality steel with precision non slip tips for added strength and durability with high quality material and precise workmanship for long service life. Clean cutting at cutting edge tips - also in case of thin copper wires with narrow head style for use in confined areas.

1 x 11 06 160 VDE Wire Stripper 160mm; made from a good quality special tool steel which is oil hardened for a longer usage live and better durability than some cutters in its class. They will cut solid or stranded wire up to a diameter 5mm or (10mm).

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