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How does a pipe-cleaning brush work?

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Cleaning a copper pipe with a pipe cleaning brush AKA tube brush, botle brush, metal brush The pipe-cleaning brush is inserted into the tube to be cleaned and moved in and out.
ruler measuring diametre of pipe cleaning brush AKA tube brush, straw brush, twisted brush, bottle brush Using a brush slightly greater in diameter than the tube to be cleaned allows the tips of the bristles to rub against the inside of the tube.
Pipe cleaning brushes (AKA tube, spiral or twisted brushes) scratch the surface of metals to prepare them for soldering If you are using an abrasive pipe-cleaning brush to prepare metal for soldering, the bristles scratch the surface creating tiny grooves which the solder can attach to and create a strong join.
Pipe cleaning brush cleaning dirt in a pipe AKA tube brush, bottle brush, twisted wire brush If you are cleaning a pipe or fitting, the bristles dislodge the sediment and the movement of the brush sweeps it out of the tube.