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What are olive removers made of?

What are olive removers made of?

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Olive cutters

Olive cutter, Olive Cutting Tools The Monument olive cutting tool is designed to remove an olive from copper pipe without damaging the pipe and without producing swarf/debris. Olive cutters are typically made from hardened tool steels such as carbon steel and are often given a black oxide coating which gives the tool a mild corrosion resistance. Some olive cutter handles are capped with a plastic cover for increased grip.
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Carbon steel

Carbon steel is steel alloy with a maximum 2.0% carbon content. It is also used as a general term for steel that is not stainless steel. The addition of carbon to steel alloy makes it incredibly strong but it can also make the metal brittle.

carbon steel with black oxide coating, metal, steel, corrosion resistance

Black oxide coating

Black oxide coating (also known as “blackening”) is a thin layer added to the surface of a material to increase its resistive properties.

Olive pullers

olive remover tool, olive puller, plumbing tool, copper pipes Some models of olive puller are made entirely from brass (with the exception of the T-bar handle). Other types are made from other tool steel alloys.
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What are the advantages of brass?

The advantages of having an all-brass tool, especially when working in plumbing, where contact with water is likely, is that when alloyed with aluminium, brass will produce a hard, thin, transparent coating of aluminium oxide that provides corrosion resistance. It is also self-healing, reducing wear and tear.

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What is meant by “self-healing”?

When brass is exposed to the elements it will tarnish and its outer layers will dull slightly. This tarnishing acts as a protective layer which seals the metal from further corrosion. If the brass becomes scratched it will “heal” itself with a fresh layer of tarnish.

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