What is a nut splitter?

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  Nut splitter   A nut splitter is a tool used to remove damaged or seized nuts from bolts or threaded studs.  

Why are nut splitters used?

  Rusted nuts can become stuck to bolt shafts and be extremely difficult to remove.   Nuts can become seized onto the threads of fasteners due to corrosion. This can make removing them very difficult, and using a socket or spanner often makes matters worse, as they can slip, rounding off the nut’s corners.  

Once other methods of removing a damaged nut have failed using a nut splitter can be the final solution.

  While there are several ways you can try to remove a seized or damaged nut, each method will likely result in more damage to the nut, making the job harder. When other methods have failed, using a nut splitter can be the last resort to removing the nut.