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How to use Mole grips

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For information on how to use automatic locking Mole grips/locking pliers, see:  How to use automatic locking Mole grips
Holding a pair of locking pliers with both hands

Step 1 – Hold Mole grips

Take hold of your Mole grips/locking pliers with both hands, with the fixed jaw and handle on top and the end of the adjustment screw facing towards your body.

Applying locking pliers to an object

Step 2 – Apply Mole grips

Apply the open jaws of your Mole grips/locking pliers to the intended object, with the fixed handle and jaw on top.

Close the handles until you hear a “snap” or “click”. If the handles don’t snap, then the grip is either too tight or not tight enough and needs to be adjusted.

Turning the adjustment screw on a pair of locking pliers

Step 3 – Turn adjustment screw

Open the handles, and, still holding the object between the jaws of the Mole grips/locking pliers, turn the adjustment screw until the jaws tighten on the object.

Close up of turning the adjustment screw on a pair of locking pliers Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to close the jaws for smaller or thinner objects and turn it anti-clockwise to widen the jaws for larger, thicker objects.
Closing the handles of locking pliers

Step 4 – Close handles of Mole grips

Squeeze the handles together until you hear a “snap” or “click”.

Remember, the more force required to lock the handles in place, the more strength will be needed to release them.

Two handed release of locking pliers

Step 5 – Release Mole grips

When you unlock the grips/pliers, hold them in one hand and use a thumb or finger of your other hand to either depress the standard release lever or pull the extended part of the release lever in an upwards motion. This will allow the handles to part.

Handles of locking pliers springing open very quickly The handles can spring apart very quickly, so be prepared!

Step 6 – Clean and store Mole grips

Once you have finished using your Mole grips/locking pliers, clean and store them.

For more information, see:  Mole grips maintenance and care.

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