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How to spot a quality magnet?

How to spot a quality magnet?

How to spot a top quality magnet

It’s not always easy to spot a quality magnet. To ensure you purchase the best magnet possible, follow Wonkee Donkee’s advice below…

No Dirt or Damage

Magnet with no dirt or damage

Make sure the magnet’s coating is not dirty or damaged. Any defects here, such as rust, can cause air gaps between the magnet and any ferromagnetic material you are trying to attach it to. This decreases the amount of holding power the magnet has, and can even lead to the magnet becoming demagnetised.


If your magnet has wheels, like a magnetic sweeper, check to see whether the tyres have been worn down to a flat surface. If the tyres are damaged, this could affect how your magnet works, for example it won’t be able to roll over any dropped ferromagnetic materials and pick them up effectively.


For more information on magnetic sweepers, see our page: What is a magnetic sweeper?

Brittle Magnets

Brittle magnets can crumble

Some magnets, such as ferrite or samarium cobalt magnets, are made from materials which are very brittle. With these magnets, it is essential that you make sure there are no chips or cracks on the magnet’s surface as this will affect the magnet’s overall strength and holding power.

Reputable Manufacturer

Reputable companies will provide a warranty

If you are buying magnets online, try to buy from a reputable manufacturer – one who offers relevant product knowledge and, in some cases, guarantees which can prove their trust in their product’s quality.

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