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K Body REVO Clamp KR125-2K 1250mm

K Body REVO Clamp KR125-2K 1250mm


K Body REVO KR - powerful clamping and spreading over large surfaces.

Anywhere where high pressure clamping, 90º clamping or powerful spreading is required the new BESSEY K Body REVO clamp is the ideal tool.

The BESSEY K Body REVO clamp is also ideally suited for accurate adjustment of corners and offset edges.

Your benefits at a glance:
1) Parallel clamping surface with jaw protection caps.
The extremely large flat clamping surfaces made of impact and break resistant polyamide, are extremely powerful and exactly parallel. The three removable pressure caps are repellent to glue, replaceable and are also resistant to paint and grease solvents.

2) 2-component plastic handle.
High-quality 2-component plastic handle in polypropylene (PP) with soft plastic insert for comfort while working.

3) Protective workpiece contact elements.
The workpiece contact elements made from impact resistant polyamide prevent direct contact by the workpiece on the rail when the clamping surface is fully deployed. With TK6 table clamps it is easy to fasten the K Body REVO clamps.

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