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 What are file card brushes made of?

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File card brush, steel, wire bristles, cleaning, woodwork, metalwork, DIYer. Steel is an alloy created by adding carbon to iron; these elements give the steel its strength.

Some file card brushes come with steel wire bristles, which are strong and able to withstand wear.

Stainless steel

File card brush, stainless steel, wire bristles, woodwork, metalwork, DIYer. Stainless steel is made up of iron, nickel and chromium. It resists staining, corrosion and is used for its strength.

The wire bristles of certain file card brushes are produced from stainless steel.

High carbon steel

File card brush, high carbon steel, wire bristles, cleaning, woodwork, metalwork, DIYer. This is a type of steel that has a high carbon content. High carbon steel contains more than 0.5% carbon.

This amount of carbon makes the wire bristles of a file card brush very hard and able to withstand wear for a longer brush life.

File card brush, high carbon steel, wire bristles, cleaning, woodwork, metalwork, DIYer.

Which one should you choose?

High carbon steel is the strongest and would last longest, however, stainless steel and steel are also very strong and can withstand wear.

So when choosing your bristyle type, it does not really matter which you choose as they all do the same job and are strong, reliable materials.


File card brush, beech, handle, wood, block, woodwork, metalwork, DIYer. Beech wood is usually used to make the handle of file card brushes as it is a very hard and tough wood, with excellent strength properties and high abrasion resistance.


File card brush, bristles, brush, nylon, cleaning, woodwork, metalwork. DIYer. Nylon is an elastic synthetic polymer that is able to be produced as sheets or moulded objects.

The bristles of the double-sided brush are made from nylon because it is lightweight, strong, resistant to damage and recovers when the bristles are bent.