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File Card Brush Care and Maintenance

File card brush maintenance and care

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After using the brush, make sure you clean the bristles. To do this, bang the bristles against a flat, hard surface. This will remove any dust or debris that is left inside the bristles.
Another method of cleaning involves using a wire brush or another file card brush to remove any stubborn leftover material. Rub the bristles of both brushes back and forth against each other to remove filings and other dirt


File card brush, storage, hanging, hole, safe, cleaning, file, shavings, filings, maintenance, woodwork, metalwork, DIYer. After each use, store the file card brush in a safe place to avoid any damage.
Beech wood is known to shrink when exposed to moisture. Make sure you work in dry areas and also store the brush in a moisture-free area.

If a file card brush is not stored correctly, the beech could deform losing its shape, causing the wood to crack and weaken the body of the file card.

Damage and price

The parts of a file card brush are not replaceable, so if the tool becomes damaged it will need to be replaced with a new one. File card brushes can be purchased at a price of as little as £2 to £7.

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