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What are the parts of edging shears?

What are the parts of edging shears?

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Close-up of edging shear blades The blades pivot around a central retaining nut. They are extremely sharp, and usually have a tough, non-stick coating. This reduces friction, making the blades move more smoothly, and offers protection against corrosion.

Retaining bolt

Retaining nut on edging shears The retaining bolt acts as the pivot point for the blades. In most edging shears it can be tightened or loosened to adjust the tension between the blades, to get the best cutting action.


Shear handle sizes Handles vary in height as well as weight, and both should be taken into account when deciding which edging shears to buy.
Using telescopic edging shears Many people opt for telescopic handles, which can be adjusted to suit the user’s height. You can set each handle individually – a useful option for anyone with arm or shoulder problems. For more information see: How to choose edging shears.


Edging shear rubber handle grips Cushioned rubber or plastic grips at the top of the handles make the shears more comfortable to hold for long gardening sessions.


Plastic buffers at base of edging shear handles Most edging shears have plastic or rubber buffers at the base of the handles. These act as shock absorbers to cushion your hands from jarring when the blades come together.

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