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What are edging shears?

What are edging shears?

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Using edging shears on lawn Edging shears are manual tools used for trimming grass around the edges of lawns and borders.

Unlike ordinary garden shears, they have long handles so you don’t need to bend down.

Edging shears being used close up The shears have two blades, one attached to each handle, connected by a central retaining nut.

The blades are set at right angles to the handles so you can cut vertically along the side of the lawn (as opposed to horizontally across the top of the grass with normal shears).

Three pairs of edging shears Edging shears vary in weight and size. You can get extra-long shears, telescopic ones with adjustable handles, lightweight versions and shears with wavy or straight blades.
Donkee says shears were invented by Romans

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