What are bradawls made of?

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Bradawl handles

 soft-grip and textured finish bradawl handles 


The handles of some bradawls are made out of plastic. These handles are ergonomically shaped with a textured or soft-grip finish for improved grip.


The soft-grip handle will be slightly more comfortable than the handle with a textured finish. However, the textured finish tends to be longer-lasting and is more durable.  

 beech bradawl handle 


Some bradawls have wooden handles made from beech. Beech handles are strong and easily worked.


The way in which the shank is attached (by ferrule) means that it is possible to replace the handle or shank of a wooden bradawl, although this is seldom done. 

 bradawl handles 

The comfort and ease of use of wood and plastic handles is very similar, but the soft-grip plastic one may be preferred by regular users. Otherwise the choice is completely down to personal preference. 


Bradawl ferrule

 brass ferrule on bradawl 

The ferrule on wooden-handled bradawls is made from brass. Brass is malleable and is considered aesthetically pleasing.


Bradawl shank

 bradawl shank nickel coated steel 

The shanks of bradawls are made from steel, which is often hardened and tempered for extra strength.


They can also be nickel-plated for added resistance to rust. This also improves the bradawl's ability to penetrate the wood and means that the tool is likely to be durable and long-lasting.  

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