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How do you use a bradawl?

How to create a pilot hole using a bradawl?

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In order to create a pilot hole with a bradawl, complete the following steps.
holding a bradawl

Step 1 – Grip bradawl

Hold the bradawl in the palm of your dominant hand and grip with your fingers, using your thumb and forefinger as guides at the base of the handle or along the shank.

place the bradawl perpendicular to fibres

Step 2 – Place bradawl onto wood

Place the bradawl point onto the wood, in the place you wish to create your pilot hole. You can mark the point beforehand if you wish.

If you are using the chisel-point bradawl, place the flat edge perpendicular to the direction of the grain.

push bradawl into wood

Step 3 – Apply pressure

Firmly push the bradawl into the wood.

twist bradawl

Step 4 – Twist tool

As you push the bradawl into the wood, twist your wrist backwards and forwards to rotate the tool until the required depth is reached.

pull bradawl out

Step 5 – Remove tool

Remove the bradawl from the wood by twisting and pulling, avoiding damage to the surface fibres as it exits the hole.

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