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How to cut mitres using a bench
hook to hold the wood?

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Bench hook with mitre kerfs To cut mitres using a bench hook, you will need to use a bench hook that has mitre guide slots cut into its stop.
Workpiece higher than bench hook's mitred stop It’s best if the stop is higher than the workpiece you are going to cut.

Otherwise, as seen here, you may have to hold the saw at an acute angle to fit it into the mitre slot when starting the cut, which can affect accuracy.

Forty-five degree slots in bench hook stop On the stop of the bench hook, there will be two 45 degree guide slots, one angled to the left and one to the right, to allow for the mitre being cut either way.

Be sure to cut your angles the right way to ensure the mitre joint fits together correctly. The direction of the cuts depends on your particular project and requires some forethought to ensure the cuts are made correctly.

Cutting a mitre using tenon saw and bench hook Using the guides cut into a bench hook’s stop, quite accurate mitre cuts can be made, although probably not as accurate as the cuts made by an electrically-powered mitre saw which can be adjusted to cut any angle perfectly each time.
Marking up a mitre cut with a pencil

Step 1 – Mark cut

With a pencil, mark the mitre cut to be made on the workpiece.

Lining up the pencil line with the 45-degree slot

Step 2 – Align mark with guide

Push the workpiece up against the stop, with the mark on the workpiece aligned precisely with the start of the appropriate 45 degree guide in the bench hook stop.

Using a bench hook's mitre guide to cut a mitre

Step 3 – Start cut

Place the saw in the guide and saw carefully to avoid wayward movement which might result in the saw cutting into the stop instead of following the guide.

Continue sawing until the workpiece is cut all the way through

Step 4 – Continue right through

Continue sawing until the workpiece has been cut all the way through.

Mitre box stops

Mitre bench hook with groove Some mitre bench hooks have stops that are like mitre boxes.
Mitre box A mitre box, like this one, has its guide slots cut into two sides, with a space in between where workpieces of different widths can be placed while being sawn.

This will work for workpieces of any thickness or diameter that will fit into the slot. Having a guide both sides of the workpiece improves accuracy.

Help with straight cuts, too

Making a straight cut with a mitre bench hook A mitre-cutting bench hook usually has a 90 degree guide cut into the stop as well. This can be an excellent aid to making normal right-angle cuts across the grain.

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