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What are the parts of a bar magnet?

What are the parts of a bar magnet?

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Parts of a red cylinder bar magnet, keeper, north and south poles

Magnetic poles on a bar magnet

Diagram of a rectangle bar magnet magnetised through the length and diameter with indicated north and south poles Bar magnets can be magnetised in two ways, either through the length or through the diameter. There are two varieties of magnetisation as they allow bar magnets to be used for a greater range of uses.

The most common bar magnet available is the variety that has been magnetised through the diameter.

Notch indicating a north pole on two rectangle bar magnets joined together On some bar magnets, the north pole is indicated by a notch.

Bar magnet keeper

Keepers on two red cylinder bar magnets held together with a keeper Some types of bar magnets have two steel keepers that need removing before use, to allow the magnets to work to their full potential.
Wonkee donkee says "A keeper, also known as a shunt, is a soft iron piece temporarily added between the north and south poles to protect it from demagnetising"

Bar magnet adhesive

3M adhesive on a rectangle bar magnet Some types of bar magnet are supplied with a high tack adhesives on one side. Used as re-closable closure for folders.

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