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What are bar magnets used for?

What are bar magnets used for?

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rectangle bar magnet with iron filings and compasses to highlight magnetic field There are many uses of a bar magnet but to illustrate the wide range of uses, here are a few examples:

  • Bar magnets are used to highlight the magnetic field to children at school using iron filings.
multicoloured letter fridge magnets with labelled rectangle bar magnets
  • As fridge magnets

Did you know – A fridge magnet has a magnetic field that is about 20 times stronger than the earth!?

Hand placing a bar magnet into a oil filter
  • Bar magnets are used within a car’s oil filter to help remove any ferromagnetic materials which could damage the engine. By doing this it makes the engine last longer.
Wonkee Donkee says "A ferromagnetic material is a term for anything attracted by a magnetic force. To be ferromagnetic it must contain a element of iron, nickel, cobalt, or gadolinium"
Magnetic catch with labelled rectangle bar magnets on a cupboard door
  • Magnetic catches on doors to hold them shut.
Guitar with labelled guitar pickups with a bar magnet inside
  • They are used inside pickups in guitars to create different tones. The bar magnet is placed inside the pickup with a length of wire coiled around it to create a magnetic field. Whenever a guitar string vibrates in that magnetic field, the coil detects the changes and then creates a voltage, thus producing a perfect sound.

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