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What is a telescopic gauge?

What is a telescopic gauge?

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Telescopic gauge set A telescopic gauge is a hand-held measuring device which has retractable rods to provide a precise measurement.
Cylinders or bores in a cylinder engine It is used by mechanics to measure the size of a bore in an engine. A bore refers to the diameter measurement of the cylinder where the pistons are positioned. For more information, see What is a telescopic gauge used for?
Micrometer and Vernier Calliper for measuring a telescopic gauge A telescopic gauge has no measurement increments of its own, so it must be used in conjunction with either a micrometer or a vernier calliper.

What telescopic gauge sizes are available?

Telescopic rods on a telescopic gauge Telescopic gauges are available in six sizes which are used for holes of different diameters. The size refers to the distance the telescopic rods can measure when they are closed up and then fully extended. The sizes available are:
Telescopic gauge set of various sized gauges in a labelled storage holder
  • 8mm to 13mm (0.3″ to 0.5″)
  • 13mm to 19mm (0.5″ to 0.7″)
  • 19mm to 32mm (0.7″ to 1.3″)
  • 32mm to 54mm (1.3″to 2.1″)
  • 54mm to 89mm (2.1″ to 3.5″)
  • 89mm to 150mm (3.5″ to 6″)

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