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What are the parts of a slater’s axe?

What are the parts of a slater’s axe?

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Slater's axe parts. The parts of a slater's axe
Slater's axes cut and trim slate tiles A slater’s axe is a fairly basic but specialist tool which is used to trim and pierce slate tiles.
The blade of a slater's axe


The blade of a slater’s axe is offset from the handle to keep the user’s hand out of the way as it chips at the slate. It has either a left- or right-hand configuration, which determines the way the blade faces in relation to the handle. The sharp edge of the blade is bevelled.

Handle of a slater's axe


The handle of a slater’s axe is positioned above and a little to one side of the blade, and is used to hold and manoeuvre the tool.

The holing spike of a slater's spike

Piercing spike

The spike protrudes from the side opposite the sharp edge of the blade, known as the butt or poll of the blade. It is hardened, for knocking holes through slate sheets.

What are slater’s axes made of?



The blade and piercing spike are made of steel. The spike and the edge of the blade are usually hardened to make them especially tough. The steel will usually be stainless, or it will be coated or treated to make it rust resistant.

wood, rubber, or plastic

Wood, plastic, and rubber

The handle of slater’s axes will usually be covered in either plastic or rubber, for a soft grip. Some are made of steel underneath the softer coating, for strength. Other slater’s axes have wooden handles and are sometimes missing the plastic or rubber coating. Wood will be lighter and more shock absorbent than steel, but not as strong.

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