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What are the parts of a screwdriver bit?

What are the parts of a screwdriver bit?

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   Parts of a screwdriver bit; tip and shank
Although some brands may have slightly different designs, all screwdriver bits have the same basic parts:

Screwdriver bit tip

Inserting a screwdriver bit into a cordless screwdriver The tip of the screwdriver bit is the part that engages with the screw’s drive when inserting or removing it.

There are many different designs of tip, to match the many different designs of screw drive.

Screwdriver bit shank

Screwdriver bit shank fitting into tool chuck The shank is the part of the screwdriver bit that fits into the power tool’s chuck.

All screwdriver bits have hexagonal-shaped shanks with six equal sides.

Screwdriver bit torsion zone

Screwdriver bit with torsion zone Some screwdriver bits have a torsion zone between their shank and tip.

Manufacturers of these bits claim that it acts as a shock-absorber when a lot of torque is being applied, so the screwdriver bit can be used for longer before it needs replacing.

Cordless screwdriver chucks; chuck with magnetic bit holder and quick release chuck Providing the chuck is the correct size, screwdriver bits can fit into:

  • 3-jawed chucks
  • 4-jawed chucks
  • Quick-release chucks
  • Chucks with magnetic bit holders

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