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What pipe bending spring sizes are available?

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internal pipe bending springs different sizes, copper piping, plumbing tools It is important to use the correct sized spring to support the tube walls during bending. Undersized springs can cause wrinkling or snapping of good quality copper tubing whilst bending.Internal pipe bending springs should have a slightly smaller diameter slightly smaller than the pipes they bend and should only be used on tube sizes they are designed for.
Springs made to BS5431 will be correctly sized for all available tube diameters and wall thicknesses. 20mm pipe bending springs are available for use on PVC electrical conduit.
copper piping 15mm 22mm 28mm plumbing, copper pipes, pipe bending springs, pipe bender, tool The most common size of copper piping in domestic installations is 15mm and 22mm. Bending springs for these sizes are readily available.
external bending springs, pipe bender, plumbing tools For bending copper pipes with a diameter smaller than 15mm, you should use an external pipe bending spring which fits over the pipe. External pipe bending springs have a diameter slightly larger than the pipes they bend.
copper pipe sizes This chart shows the most common sizes of copper pipes.
chart of pipe sizes This chart shows the most common sizes of copper pipes, their respective wall thicknesses and inside diameters.