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Makita Leaf Blower Review 2022

Best Makita Leaf Blower Review

There are many different leaf blowers on the market, but not quite as good as the Makita BUB 182Z leaf blower. So much so, we decided to create an entire review article just for it. Makita was one of the first major brands to dominate the leaf blower market, and although they now have less of an impact on the overall market, this particular model still has a stronghold.


Sure Makita does a range of other leaf blowers available, but this is by far the best of the bunch. If you’re considering a Makita leaf blower then we strongly advise you to take a closer look at this product. When you have finished reading this Makita BUB182Z leaf blower review then we think you will agree!

Makita BUB182Z Cordless Leaf Blower

The BUB182Z is a cordless electric leaf blower, so its primary function is to help clean areas that tend to collect leaves and dust. The Makita BUB182Z motor has a speed of up to 18,000 RPM, with an astounding air velocity of 129 mph. This power output is surprising for a battery-powered leaf blower and it is more than capable of doing daily tasks. It can also take on some tougher tasks such as matted leaves, but you might need a broom or another tool for some gentle encouragement to begin.


The motor is comprised of 3-speed levels: High, Medium, and Low which is equivalent to run time of 12 minutes, 25 minutes, and 75 minutes, respectively. This is a decent output from the 18V Compact Li-Ion battery which you can get for an additional cost (battery does not come with the original package). As with most battery-powered leaf blowers it is relatively lightweight at only 3.9 lbs. The reason it is so light due to the compact design which is only approximately 20 inches in length.


The BUB182Z is manufactured by Makita, a world-renowned power tools maker largely popular for making tools that are simple, lightweight, and powerful. When we looked online about what customers say about the BUB182Z and the general feedback obtained from users of the BUB182Z is positive. Although there are very few people who are not completely satisfied with the product with the main reason being the fact that this model comes with the body only and the lithium-ion battery needs to be purchased separately.



What We Like:

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Our Verdict

When we tested out the Makita BUB182Z leaf blower we found it was really easy to use, and in fact, it’s so simple that even a child can use it (wit supervision obviously). We recommend that the BUB182Z cordless leaf blower is most suited for small to medium-sized areas due to the battery size and use time limitation. Another thing we loved about this Makita leaf blower although this tool is very compact, it is really quite powerful. Normally, short and narrow nozzles are not powerful so we were really surprised at what Makita has produced.


When we compared it with other leaf blowers such as gas-powered (which are typically more powerful) and it held it’s own most of the way. We also tested it against most corded electric leaf blowers and besides the limitation of operating time it was simply a better all-round leaf blower. Add to this the convenience that it saves the hassle of having to deal with electrical cords when cleaning.

How to Choose the Best Leaf Blower?

Leaf blowers are very useful, versatile, labour-saving devices that can make your life much easier. Especially when dry leaves cover the whole yard and you have to do a considerable amount of raking every day to keep your garden clean. These leaf blower tools can also help you sweep the driveway, and more powerful models are able to clear the snow as well.


If you want a complete solution then some of the models include a powerful vacuum while others can be used for cleaning the gutters as well – as you see, leaf blowers can save you a lot of effort, whatever the season is. In the next section, we provide you with a complete leaf blower buying guide so you can make the best decision that really suits your needs.

Operating Area

First of all, you need to consider the place you are going to use the leaf blower for. If the area you need to clean is small, consisting mainly of the backyard and the front of the house, an electric, a handheld blower will do just fine. These tools come with long cables, able to reach as far as 150 feet from the power source and they are easy and comfortable to handle. However, if you need to clean a larger area, you should consider purchasing a portable gas blower (also called petrol leaf blower). These machines have a gasoline engine, and you can choose from among several different sizes.

Leaf Blower Functions

Another aspect you should take into consideration when choosing your blower is the number of functions it can do. There are tools which have only a blowing function, while others can blow and vacuum as well. If it is enough to blow the leaves to a certain place, a simple machine will do, but if you need to clean away the debris and the leaves completely, you will need a machine that can produce a strong vacuum. The latest technology has also developed a three in one model. The third function included is a mulcher, this feature will shred the leaves after they are vacuumed and store them in a collection bag. This allows for the bag to hold a lot more leaves and debris and means fewer trips to the bin or compost heap.

Customer Reviews

Currently, there are so many garden cleaning tools on the market that it is difficult to choose the best leaf blower, even if you already have determined the specifications you are looking for. This is when consulting leaf blower reviews and testimonials can be of great help: there are forums where people share their opinions about the products they own, where you can find useful advice about which blower will suit your needs best. 


Whatever type or size you go for, it is very important to buy a product with an extended warranty from a reputable manufacturer that can provide replacement parts for your machine in case it breaks down after the warranty expires. Sometimes paying that bit extra for a higher-quality leaf blower usually means a better guarantee, so in the long term if anything goes wrong you do get value for money. If you want to see more of our reviews then we would recommend visiting our best leaf blowers review to find out what we think is the best available on the market today.

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