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A note on leverage and length

A note on leverage and length

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A Blackboard Displaying Physics Equations

This is the explanation given by Wonkee Donkee’s old Physics teacher to explain the relationship between leverage and length.

A Typical Doorhandle Picture a typical door handle;

This functions as a lever.

Photograph demonstrating the difficulty of pushing an object down close to the fulcrum Trying to push the handle down becomes harder the closer you move your finger to the pivoting mechanism (the point known in physics as the fulcrum) …
A Door Handle, pushed down almost all the way, with the finger far away from the pivoting mechanism … and easier the further you move your finger away from it.
Image Depicting Archimedes' Law of the Lever This principle is known as the law of the lever, and explains how the distance between the point of input (your hand) and the point of output (the opening mechanism) affects the amount of force required by the user.

Using the same principle, the longer your lopper’s handles – or the longer the lever on a pole lopper –  the less force you will need to put in when cutting difficult branches.

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