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What is a Double Acting Spring Hinge?

What is a Double Acting Spring Hinge?

Synonymous with a saloon door in an old western movie, the mechanism that allows for doors to swing 180 degrees in both directions is called a double-acting spring hinge. Now a very common feature in modern commercial kitchen designs, it is surprising how little is known about how this contraption works. In this Wonkee Donkee Tools article, we explain what is a double-acting spring hinge and how a double acting spring hinge works. 

When is a Double Acting Spring Hinge Used?

Allowing a door to swing 180 degrees in either direction and return to its original position automatically, is what makes a double acting spring hinge such a unique mechanism. It is a very popular choice in industries where there is heavy foot traffic in and out, especially if the users’ hands are occupied.


Most widely used in the hospitality industry to allow staff members to enter and exit the kitchen whilst holding plates; its function of returning to a closed position has the added benefit of maintaining a soundproof barrier between the kitchen and restaurant areas. They are also regularly used in the hospital and healthcare industry, allowing users to move more freely throughout the buildings. However, it is not only commercial properties where you will find double acting spring hinges. Many contemporary home designs now include double acting spring hinges to make spaces feel more open and accessible.

How does a Double Acting Spring Hinge work?

Important to be installed correctly in order to open the full 180 degrees in both directions as well as return to its closed position after use, double acting spring hinges operate in a unique way. Utilising tension as its main force for operation, the spring-loaded hinge is what ensures the door returns to the resting closed position after use. The level of tension needed in the hinge is dependent on the size and weight of the door, in addition to how fast or slow you want the door to swing back into position.

Adjusting the Tension on a Double Acting Spring Hinge

As previously mentioned, having the right tension in your double acting spring hinge is important in order to control the speed at which the door opens and closes. If the spring-loaded hinge has too little tension, the doors will droop or sag; whilst if the doors have too high tension the doors will require a lot of force to be opened, and swing back into position with a lot of force.


To adjust the tension of a double acting spring hinges you will first need to remove the locking pin from each hinge. Next, use a tensioning rod in the tensioning hole to adjust the spring tension. Please note, that after changing the tension on double acting spring hinges it is important to test the doors in both directions to test the force and speed at which they move.


It is also advisable to notify anyone who regularly uses the door of the alterations in order for them to be aware that the doors may require less or more force in order to be opened or closed.


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