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What is a utility and control cabinet key?

What is a utility and control-cabinet key?

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A utility control cabinet service key A utility and control-cabinet key is a pocket-sized tool, usually with multiple head profiles (shapes), that can be used to unlock service cabinets, turn switches on and off and regulate valves.
Utility and control or service cabinet keys can be used for lots of different locks, valves and switches. They are designed to be a handy tool to have around and can be used for multiple purposes.
A radiator bleed screw and a utility and control or services cabinet key In the home, they are used to unlock gas and electricity meters or to bleed (release unwanted air from) central heating radiators, but the majority of uses occur in the services or facilities industries (e.g. sanitation).
Another style of utility and control or service key with a reversible bit and a bit adaptor. Utility and control-cabinet keys are also known as service-cabinet keys, spider keys, universal utility keys, services utility meter keys or switch-cabinet keys.

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