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Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 2022

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

When looking for a new mower to buy it can be difficult to select which will be the best self-propelled lawn mower for you. There are hundreds of different models and designs of self-propelled lawn mowers on the market. So, it is not easy to know which is the right lawnmower for you. That’s why at Wonkee Donkee we’ve put our knowledge and extensive experience together to select a handful of the best lawnmowers. We have done all the hard work so you don’t have to.


We’ve tried to consider everybody. We’ve looked at lawnmowers where budget is not an issue. On the other hand, we have included our recommendation for the best budget petrol lawnmower too, so you can get real value for money. Finally, we’ve picked our all-round favourite too, so there should be something to interest you.

Hyundai Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Lawn Mower

The Hyundai Self Propelled Electric Start Mower is what tops our best self-propelled lawnmower review and it is easy to see why. For us, this is the most complete all-round mower available on the market whilst being surprisingly affordable.


A self-propelled mower makes with rear-wheel drive and 4 speeds it takes the hard work out of mowing. When we tested the Hyundai, it felt so light whilst mowing so really anyone can use it. Add to this the inclusion of an electric start, this means that you don’t need to spend time and energy pulling on the starter cord until it kicks into life.


The way in which this lawnmower can be customised is also really with adjustable cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm and several cutting options that include; collect and drop, side discharge, rear discharge and mulching. Some of these extra settings need attachments but don’t worry about trying to buy a side discharge chute or mulching plug as they all come included as standard. It really is just the perfect mower for medium to large lawns, which is shown in its cutting width of 51cm.


It’s not just the design and build that we love about this Huyndai self-propelled lawnmower. The finish it gives to lawns is incredible with an even cut all around. Whilst you are mowing your grass you can check how much grass is collected with the grass level indicator, so you know when you need to empty it. But because of its 70-litre holding capacity, it’s not very often!


Another added feature of this mower is its deck cleaning, just attach a hose to the cleaning connection and away to go! At Wonkee Donkee, we cannot recommend the Huyndai Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower enough. It is simply the best petrol lawnmower, especially for the money, with a great range of features included.

Hayter Harrier Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Lawn Mower

The very high-quality Hayter Harrier Petrol Lawn Mower makes cutting big, uneven or sloping lawns a doddle! As you would expect from the Hayter brand, you get excellent build quality which is finished in a classy black high gloss paint which makes it look good too. The performance is also another benefit, with a simple lever that helps you control the variable speed options with ease. This is invaluable if you have a garden with obstacles or flower beds as you can reduce the speed to get a more accurate cut.


Like the Hyundai mower it also uses an electric start system which guarantees the first-time start of the machine without any priming needed. All you need to remember is to recharge the battery so it is ready to go. However, if you forget and the battery is dead, you can still start the mower with the added pull cord function.


It’s little things like this that make this Hayter Harrier mower such an attractive option. Another example is the high-quality aluminium used to make the cutting deck, this provides durable strength as well as a lightness to the lawnmower (which is important when trying to put it away).


As it is a self-propelled lawnmower there is no heavy pushing required and the adjustable cutting length options are really simple to adjust. You can get the exact cut length you want between the range of 13-60mm as well as the option of putting a striped design in your lawn. All clippings are neatly collected in the grass box which is really easy to remove and clip back on. There is also a 3-year manufactures warranty, which gives you added peace of mind.


At Wonkee Donkee, we really like this Hayter Harrier Self Propelled Electric Start Petrol Lawn Mower. It does everything you need and more, with the variable speed settings really winning us over. If you want a self-propelled lawnmower that will last years, then we can’t recommend a Hayter Harrier lawnmower enough.

Honda HRG 466 Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

This Honda HRG 466 Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is another mower that takes the effort out of mowing large and uneven gardens. It’s a really powerful machine that easily copes with uneven and sloping lawns, tussocks, bumps and long, damp grass. If you have an awkwardly shaped lawn or outside area then you’ll understand the frustration of trying to get an even cut and also the difficulty of pushing a lawnmower up and down a slope. The Honda 466 might just be the answer.


The steel cutting deck is specially treated to resist corrosion and has a good-sized cutting width is 46 cm. This means that for medium to large lawns you can get the job done a lot quicker than smaller models. One of the best features of this Honda mower is the intelligent blade design technology. It works to twist the blade when you hit an obstacle, slope or bump and protect it from damage whilst also maintaining an even leveled cut.


The mower uses a manual start cord, unlike the other two models included in our best self-propelled lawn mower review. However, we found it really easy to use and many customer reviews online have praised its consistency. As you expect with a self-propelled mower it is light to use and is easy to push, even when going up a slope.


When it comes to customising the Honda HRG 466 you have a choice of eight different height settings, and all clippings are efficiently collected in the grass collection box. The machine is also relatively fuel-efficient in comparison to other self-propelled petrol lawnmowers available which is an added benefit too.


At Wonkee Donkee, our recommendation is that this is the best self-propelled lawn mower for heavy domestic or light commercial use.

Petrol Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Your choice of lawnmower will, of course, depend on your particular needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best petrol lawn mower for your garden. If you want to find out more about what other mowers are available on the market then read our Best Petrol Lawn Mower Review.


A self-propelled lawnmower uses the engine power to create a forward motion when the mower is in operation rather than you having to push it. This is great if you have a large area to mow, uneven slopes or even an uphill task on your hands. They also make light work of long grass, tussocky grass and damp grass as the forward motion helps with tackling these tricky tasks. This type of mower will require a larger engine and with be more expensive. Though if you use your mower a lot, it could save you time and energy every time you make a cut.

Petrol Lawnmower Maintenance

A petrol lawnmower will last you many years, however, it may occasionally require repairs. The first thing you should do is to check that the brand you choose has spare parts available. We are not saying that you will definitely need new parts but it is always good to know that they are available and affordable is anything does go wrong. What you will need to do it is to complete regular servicing to keep your mower in tip-top condition. You can do this yourself or have someone do it for you. Many lawnmowers offer a 3-year guarantee, so this is worth looking out for how long your machine is covered for.

Extra Features to Consider:


The size and quality of the engine is key to a good mower. Choose a reliable brand and make sure it is powerful enough for the job at hand. Remember self-propelled machines will require more power.

Size of Mower

The size of the cutting deck affects how much grass gets cut at a time. A smaller deck will be suitable for smaller gardens, especially if there are features to mow around. For large gardens, a larger deck will get the job done more quickly.

Starting Options

Some mowers have an electric key start for a reliable start every time. These machines have a rechargeable battery to provide the starting mechanism, so you will have to remember to change this. Most also have a standard pull start as well in case you don’t have the battery charged.


Other machines have an automatic choke for reliable starting. Some models are started by priming and pulling, this means pressing a priming bulb slowly three times to deliver fuel to the carburettor and then pulling the starting cord.

Size of Clipping Bag

Stopping to empty the clipping bag can be a nuisance. If you plan on collecting clippings, then choose a mower with a larger bag to cut down the time spent emptying.

Variety of Cutting Settings

Mowers have a variety of cutting heights usually measured in millimetres. These vary a little and some machines cut lower than others, so check this if you want a bowling green finish to your lawn. Most are adjustable with a simple lever but some are more complicated to use.

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