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Best 9-Inch Angle Grinder Review

Best 9-Inch Angle Grinder Review

If you’ve found yourself on this page, you probably know that a 9 inch (230 mm) is the right type of angle grinder for you and you just want that bit more information to decide which one is best.


At Wonkee Donkee, we are power tool experts and we have no intention of wasting your time, so let’s jump straight into the reviews. We’ve handpicked our two favourites and it wasn’t easy. So we must admit that the first and second pick has very little between them. Makita for us just steals the title of the best 9-inch angle grinder with their GA9020S Angle Grinder angle grinder, closely followed by the DeWalt DWE490 model.


The third model we have included in this review is a more affordable 9-inch angle grinder. This is more suited to hobbyists or contractors that only need to use angle grinders for the odd jobs. We compared all of the cheaper angle grinders available on the market and the VonHaus Diamond Tip 2.2Kw 9-Inch angle grinder impressed us the most.

Makita GA9020S Angle Grinder

The Makita GA9020S Angle Grinder was a worthy winner of our coveted best 9-inch angle grinder in our Wonkee Donkee review. It is simply a great all-round tool and is 100% worthy of your consideration. To start with, Makita has fitted this angle grinder with a more powerful 2000 watt motor, which has been well designed to protect itself from dust particles.


You can choose between operating it at 110 or 240 volts, which makes it quite practical, and similar to the Hitachi 9 inch angle grinder above, it offers 3-handle position placements and can be worked hard before starting to overheat.


This angle grinder is not shy on power and with 6,600 revolutions per minute, it’s a really impressive power tool. The raw speed that this disk generates helps with performance and makes this is one of the best angle grinders for welders, fabricators and stonemasons.


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DeWalt DWE490 230mm Angle Grinder

The DeWalt DWE490 230mm Angle Grinder was unlucky not to take the top spot in our best 9-inch angle grinder review. Powered by 240volts the 2000watt output is more than capable of taking on tough tasks and its intelligent design includes a ventilated gear casing, which creates a cooling airflow through the power tool allowing you to use it for long periods without needing the need for it to rest. Add to that an epoxy coat on this model also protects the motor from abrasion and dust, it really is a thing of beauty.


There are also great safety features from DeWalt including the no-volt lock-off switch which prevents dangerous restarts if the power cuts out. It is also ergonomic in its design, with the DeWalt DWE490 able to be held in two positions which are both comfortable and easy to switch between. There is also a brush window that allows you to replace the brush quickly and a spindle lock for safe wheel changes.


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VonHaus 2200W 9 Inch Angle Grinder

The VonHaus 2200W 9 Inch angle grinder is our pick for the best cheap 9 inch angle grinder. But don’t let the price fool you, this power tool is great in its own right and could easily make the top 10 list for best 9 inch angle grinders if we were to do a full review. At Wonkee Donkee, the VonHaus would be our pick if you don’t have a lot of need for a 9-inch grinder as it combines affordability and performance.


The standard 4.5 inch angle grinder normally does the job, but if you have a project or two that’s a little more industrial then this option has a perfect balance. For example, you might find yourself working on an old car or some ironwork where a 4.5 inch angle grinder just isn’t enough. That’s where this great all-round angle grinder from VonHaus really comes into play. It’s not just the tool itself either, this angle grinder comes with plenty of add-ons which just gives you so much more for your money.


It can also be used to sand down large surfaces, especially if they’re metallic and makes light work of removing rust. The adjustable handgrip allows you to get the best placement for ease of use. But it’s more than just practical, it’s also a very well-designed grip, with just enough cushion and solidity to make it comfortable when having to use the grinder for extended periods.


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9-inch Angle Grinder Buyers Guide

We always like to include buyers guides with our reviews, but with this 9-inch angle grinder review, we wanted to do something different. We have found that a large percentage of the users who have visited our 9-inch angle grinder reviews know how to use these grinders. The reason they ended up at our review is that they were unsure as to which size grinder to buy. So at Wonkee Donkee, we thought we’d write an angle grinder size guide instead. If you are after a full angle grinder buying guide then visit the bottom of our best angle grinder review.

What Size Angle Grinder Should I buy?

There are a couple of critical factors to consider when trying to determine which size angle grinder is the best for you. But before we go through those, the most important factor is to understand what we mean when we refer to the size of an angle grinder.


The tool itself has very little bearing on the specification of size. It can be compact or large, the size description given in angle grinder product information refers to the disc size. There is a range of different disc sizes that you can get that roughly vary from 4 to 13 inches.


The reason why the size of the disc is important is that it determines how well the angle grinder handles the task at hand. You can cut through piping, concrete and the like with the most common (and most popular) 4.5-inch grinders. However, if you are trying to cut materials with a higher thickness than an average plank of wood, the 4.5-inch models will more than likely struggle. Whereas a 9-inch angle grinder is built for these tasks and would cut through material that size easily enough, but would find cutting through a wooden beam tough going. It’s all really dependent on why and what you need an angle grinder for. The basic rule that is: the bigger the wheel, the deeper it can make cuts.


Most of the time, you will be using an angle grinder to tidy up welds, cut through concrete, cut metal rods, grinding down objects or polishing. A 4.5-inch angle grinder will be more than enough to complete these tasks and will do a great job too. They’ll also typically be cordless, which means you can have more freedom to use wherever you like as well as in a range of different angles.


However, if you’re working with a lot of welding, larger materials or industrially, you will want something that gets through more heavy-duty work without starting to overheat. That’s where your 9-inch angle grinder comes in. They are real workhorses.


When it comes to speed the size of the wheel matters again. The smaller the wheel, generally the faster it rotates with speeds reaching around 8000 RPM. This makes it great at polishing, but that additional speed can translate into more friction and therefore it’s likely to overheat quicker. So tasks may take longer as you give time for the tool to cool down in between uses.


So the answer is, that there is no definitive answer. As with 90% of power tools, the best one for you is completely dependant on what you intend to do with it and your budget. For everyday usage, you’ll do well with a 4.5-inch angle grinder. But if you know you’ll be grinding a lot of metal or working on larger projects, then you’re on the right page. Take the 9-inch grinder.

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