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Whistler 9mm Wireless Inspection Camera Review

Whistler 9mm Wireless Inspection Camera Review

The Whistler 9mm Wireless Inspection Camera is an easy-to-use, easy to maneuver inspection camera. It’s excellent for seeing into those hard to reach places. The kind of places that could never be visualized without removal of pipes, walls and other obstructions. With the 3 inch flexi cable, just thread it behind a wall or into a pipe and look at the handheld screen to see what’s lurking in there!

Whistler 9mm Inspection Camera Specifications

3.5” Full Color Detachable Monitor

30” Transmission Range

Lightweight Design


Magnetic Swivel Mount

3” Flexible Cable with a 3” Extension Cable

4 LED Light

Video Recording

Attachments: Hook, Mirror and Magnet

Key Features of the Whistler 9mm Inspection Camera

The detachable viewing screen is a big 3.5 inch Color LCD screen. It’s high-quality images can be viewed at any angle thanks to the magnetic swivel mount. The images and video recordings can be saved to the 2GB micro SD Card for documentation and to aid in presentations.

The lightweight comfort provides users with the ability to get the scope into the most awkward of positions. The actual range is large: 1.5” to about 9.5” and the camera head itself is a tiny 9mm which is about half the size of most other models. Having a small camera head means getting into tight spaces is a breeze. Less time, less effort means less money spent on your projects.

There’s a 3 foot standard flexi-cable along with a 3’ extension cable giving users a total length of 6 feet. When the extension cable is used, the site of the connector will create a 19mm bulge which means that the 9mm camera head may fit in most spaces but be sure to allow for the 19mm bulge when using the extension.

Since having sufficient lighting at the inspection site is critical to be able to perform your inspection, be assured that the 4 LED lights provided will provide enough light to make it easy to see in even the darkest of spaces.

Attachments included are a magnet which is perfect for retrieving metal objects; a hook for snatching wires and other objects and a mirror to give users even more visual range.

The Whistler Wireless 9mm Inspection Camera and all of its attachments and extensions come in a hard, rugged plastic case which will provide protection for your investment — even when bouncing around in the back of a work truck!

This is one professional-grade tool that’s worth the money – even for the average homeowner, property manager or do-it-yourself type. It’s well made, durable and a great buy.

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